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Skin care routine voor het voorjaar

Refresh yourself in spring with your refreshing skin care routine

Spring is the time to adjust your skin care routine. We leave the cold, dry winter months behind us and shine into the spring sun. Your skin could use some extra love to recover from this tough season. In this article we take you through a refreshing skin care routine for spring. Are you ready to feel the warmth on your skin?

[1] Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Your skin care routine starts with thorough cleaning. Do not confuse this with cleaning with aggressive products, because thorough cleaning can be done very well with mild care products. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type and does not dry out the skin. A foam cleanser works well, so maybe this product is for you?

[2] Exfoliate!

Make sure you exfoliate the skin regularly, especially after winter! This removes dead skin cells and renews the skin in no time. Use a good quality exfoliating product so that the following steps absorb well.

[3] Use a good toner

Cleansing and exfoliating are done, so it's time for a good toner. Our toner helps to restore the skin's pH level, shrink pores and prepare the skin for the next steps of your skin care routine.

[4] Hydrate and protect from the sun!

Hydration is essential in every season, whether the sun is shining or not. In the spring you can possibly use a lighter moisturizer, but if you use our day cream you only use the best. The day cream also contains antioxidants in the form of vitamin C, for optimal effectiveness of the SPF.

Extra tips for spring

  • Check whether your products still comply . Spring is just around the corner, so you may no longer need very thick, intensively moisturizing products. Maybe so, but check it out. Lighter formulas are ideal for the warming weather!
  • Drinking water! You also hydrate from within. Drink enough to optimally provide all parts of your body with moisture.
  • How are your eyes and lips? These are often undervalued body parts. Your lips need moisture, so go for a hydrating lip balm. Your eyes need extra hydration, so use a good eye cream for a bright future!

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