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Skin therapist

Our Almaaz Skin Therapist

Sahar Waise

Sahar graduated as a skin therapist in 2014 and obtained her Bachelor of Science. After working for a number of years at a well-regarded cosmetic clinic in Haarlem and Amsterdam, she opened her own clinic in 2018.

About our Skin Therapist

Honesty and quality are her priorities. That is why we at Almaaz Cosmetics like to consult with Sahar about our products and ingredients before we put them on the market. Sahar gives us the right advice regarding the use of the products and shares her knowledge about the skin. This allows us, together with Sahar, to ensure that we can deliver the best products to our customers!

Do you have any questions for Sahar regarding Almaaz products? Send an email so that she can provide appropriate advice.