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About our brand, Almaaz.

Our story

A beauty brand from the Netherlands with a passion for elegant care products.

Where it started...

We strive to give our customers the best skincare experience. Clean cosmetics are our number one priority by using paraben and sulfate free formulas.
In 2020, Almaaz Cosmetics was founded by Chaimae. Her goal was to help young and old with an age-old problem: dark circles! Based on her own experience, which she encountered during her pregnancy, she came up with the idea of ​​developing the Hydrating Tanning Daycream. The great success she achieved with this gave her the motivation and recognition to continue developing products for problems that not only she, but also her customers encounter.
Despite completing a law degree, Chaimae took a completely different path than she had in mind. Yet for her this is the best choice she has made. By believing in herself and her products, she is convinced of the success of Almaaz Cosmetics. She wants to give everyone who has doubts the message that you can achieve what you want. Stand for what you believe in, act with passion and go for it!

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