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Layering skincare products

Layering skincare products - maximize the effects!

About 3,000 people every month search for what an effective skincare routine looks like. And that's great, because there is room for improvement. Applying any random cream every now and then will not help you. Consistently applying layers makes all the difference. In this article we look at the usefulness of layering skincare products.

What does layering mean in skincare?

Layering skincare products refers to the process of applying different skincare products in a specific order. Each product has its own qualities. Applying in layers ensures that your skin optimally absorbs each ingredient.

What are the benefits of layering skincare products?

  • Specific treatment - by applying products in layers, you tackle specific skin problems in a targeted manner.
  • Enhanced absorption - each layer prepares the skin for the next, helping you absorb the ingredients better.
  • Personalization layering allows you to tailor your skincare routine based on your skin type and your own unique needs.
  • Maximum results - by making products work together you increase the effects.

How do you do layering properly?

  1. Start with a clean base . Start with cleansed skin, which has also been treated with toner.
  2. From light to heavy . Apply products from thin to thick, so from cleansers to serums to moisturizers.
  3. Don't take too much - don't use too much per product, because then you can irritate the skin.
  4. Use the correct order . By applying the products to the skin in the wrong order, you ensure that the effect is minimized. And that's a shame!
  5. Take your time . Wait a few minutes between each coat to ensure complete absorption.

Example skincare step-by-step plan

So what does such a skincare step-by-step plan look like, for example?

Step 1 - Oil-based cleanser

Step 2 - Water-based cleanser

Step 3 - Exfoliate

Step 4 - Apply Toner

Step 5 - Essence

Step 6 - Serums

Step 7 - Eye Cream

Step 8 - Sheet mask

Step 9 - Moisturizer

Step 10 - Vitamin Oil

Almaaz products in your routine

You can also find our how to use here, but this is what your routine looks like when you use Almaaz:

Morning routine

    1. Cleanse the skin with Cleansing Foam
    2. Use the pineapple scrub 1-2 times a week
    3. Apply the Tanning Day cream
    4. Use the biomimetic Day cream with SPF30

Evening routine

    1. Start again with the Cleansing Foam
    2. Use the Exfoliating pads 1-2 times a week
    3. Use the Balancing Toner
    4. Biomimetic Night cream
    5. Vitamin drops for the night

Don't know where to start? Call our skin therapist and ask your question!

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