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Dagcreme met SPF

Day cream with SPF - why is this essential?

The sun always shines. Sometimes it is clearly present and at other times you are drowning in the dark rain clouds, but the sun always shines in the background. This means that UVA and UVB rays are always present. By using a day cream with SPF , you protect yourself against external influences. In this blog we highlight 7 reasons why you should use SPF and which product you need for protection. Are you reading along?

Why is a day cream with SPF indispensable?

We kick off with 7 reasons why a good protective layer for your skin is indispensable for healthy (and beautiful!) aging:

  1. Protection against UV rays - UVA and UVB damage your skin cells in no time. A good cream with SPF protects your skin against harmful external influences, so you can enjoy the sun without any worries;
  2. Preventing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation - If you do not protect your skin optimally, the risk of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and fine lines is much greater;
  3. Reducing the risk of skin cancer - By providing your skin with a protective layer, you reduce the risk of skin cancer. Reduce the risk of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma;
  4. Maintain an even skin tone - You want to avoid uneven skin tone, with dark spots or redness. That's what a good day cream with SPF does for you!;
  5. Protection - even on cloudy days! - Even when the sun is not shining, your skin can be damaged. Apply consistently, even in the winter months;
  6. Strengthening the natural skin barrier - Many spreads with SPF also contain antioxidants, which also strengthen the skin. This helps you protect your skin against external influences, so make a smart choice;
  7. Hydration - Choose a day cream that not only protects against the sun's rays, but also has hydrating properties.

How SPF works and which SPF suits your skin

Activate your skin protection with SPF. This powerful protectant instantly forms a shield on your skin, reflecting and absorbing UV rays - before they have a chance to do damage. Depending on your skin type and sun exposure, choose your ideal day cream with SPF. Start your adventure with at least SPF15, but for intensive Sundays go for SPF30 or even higher. Are you sweating? Are you taking a dip? No problem! Simply reapply every two hours. Protect yourself from UV with the best choice for you.

Your guide to the perfect SPF day cream

  • Know your skin : is your skin dry or oily? Choose a cream that suits your unique skin type.
  • Go natural : Consider a cream with natural ingredients for a soft touch and optimal protection.
  • Hydration and protection : Check the hydrating power and choose your SPF level.

Your SPF routine - step by step

  1. Start fresh. Clean your face thoroughly;
  2. Protect and care. Apply your day cream with SPF to the face and neck;
  3. Extra sun? Consider additional sunscreen.

SPF myths debunked!

There are misconceptions about the use of SPF in skincare. A common misconception is that people with dark skin do not need SPF, but this is incorrect. UV rays can damage anyone, so the right protection is also important for everyone.

Another misconception is the idea that a higher SPF, such as SPF50, is always better than, for example, SPF15. Although a higher grade offers more protection, SPF30 is usually sufficient for daily use.

Finally, we also immediately debunk the myth that a day cream with SPF is only necessary in the summer sun. The sun also exists in the winter months, so give your skin the necessary protection against the harmful UV rays, which are present all year round.

A recap for the scanners among us:

  • Dark skin & SPF - everyone needs SPF. UV rays do not distinguish between skin color.
  • More SPF, always better? - Nope. Not necessary. SPF30 is often enough for daily use.
  • Winter SPF - Yes, even then! UV rays are always active, regardless of the season.

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