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SPF30 gezichtscrème - voor een frisse en gezonde look

SPF30 face cream - for a fresh and healthy look

The protection and care of the skin are crucial to looking vibrant and vital. A reliable day cream with SPF30, such as our Almaaz Day Cream , is the key to success.

This day cream provides hydration, skin firming and - most importantly - protection against the sun's UV rays. In this article we look at the properties of our fine product and why it is a must-have to protect your skin.

Almaaz SPF30 facial cream in a nutshell

During the day, our skin is fully exposed to external factors. That is why we have invented a day cream that cares for and protects the skin, partly thanks to the SPF30. Thanks to the UVA and UVB filters, you are assured of optimal protection against sun damage.

This is what the Almaaz SPF30 cream brings you

What makes our cream so special? Let's list it briefly:

  1. Hydration and firming - Almaaz day cream with SPF30 thoroughly hydrates and provides moisture to the skin. Marine collagen - a core ingredient - helps the skin stay tight and young.
  2. Skin improvement - The vitamin C in the cream ensures radiant skin and reduces signs of aging, such as wrinkles.
  3. UV protection - SPF30 protection is important. Sun damage leads to premature aging. The filters in this cream prevent sun damage to the skin.
  4. The gentlest care - The SPF30 cream is ideal for every skin type , even the most sensitive.

Advice after facial treatments

Have you just had a facial? Like a microneedling or an acid peel? Give your skin time to recover. Leave the Almaaz day cream for 3 to 4 days. Why? Because after such an intensive treatment the skin can be more sensitive to the active ingredients. This can lead to irritations and we naturally want to prevent that. If in doubt, ask your dermatologist for advice.

The Almaaz SPF30 cream is for everyone. Whether you have normal or sensitive skin; this cream brings you all the best. Hydration, sun protection, firmness and rejuvenation. Add the product to your skincare routine and shine into the day!

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