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You should wear sunscreen every day - Yes, even in winter!

Apply, apply, apply - all year round. It is 2024 and the message from dermatologists, beauticians, brands and skin specialists is louder than ever: sunscreen is not just for summer days on the beach.

Daily SPF is more important than ever

If there's one thing all skin care experts agree on, it's that you should protect yourself against the power of the sun every day. Yes, you read that right – every day, every season and yes, even indoors!

Trend of the year

This year we see sunscreen becoming a serious trend. The use of sunscreen is no longer limited to the summer months. Although this advice is increasingly given, it is still not universally accepted. In countries such as the Netherlands, but also the United Kingdom, many people find it rather exaggerated to apply an SPF filter on dark days and indoors. But UV radiation is always there, whether it rains or shines.

Wear sunscreen indoors

If you are indoors or driving in the car, you should also apply sunscreen. The windows do not fully protect you against UV radiation. And we think the most impressive thing is that it also protects you against blue light. This means that a good sunscreen even protects you from the light of your computer, television, tablet and smartphone!

What does the WHO say?

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) and leading health authorities say it again and again: protect yourself from the sun every day and prevent serious diseases, such as skin cancer. So, buy a new, fresh tube or bottle and get started. Lubricate daily, repeat every few hours and do this every day, even when it is pouring cats and dogs. Keep your skin healthy!

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