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Zo word je bruin zonder zonnebank!

This is how you get a tan without a sunbed!

Yes, spring has sprung. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and best of all: this is the first spring without corona measures in two years. Freedom happiness! We go to the terraces again and skirt day is approaching. But oh my goodness, those white milk bottles could use some color before the skirt comes out of the closet. Tanning without a sunbed is the best solution!

Why tan without a sunbed?

The tanning bed is such a wonderful device that will give you a nice summer glow in no time. Just sunbathe for a few 10 minutes and then you can confidently wear that summer dress. But unfortunately that tan also disappears, and your skin is left damaged. The high dose of UV radiation, which provides your glow, also increases the risk of skin cancer. And let's be honest, is that temporary tan really worth it?

Tanning lotion is safe

An alternative to the tanning bed is tan from a bottle. And fortunately, these tanning creams have been further developed in recent years, so you can really get a beautiful glow that suits your skin. Almaaz's tanning lotion offers a safe alternative to the sunbed. In addition to a healthy complexion, the wonderfully smelling lotion also gives your skin a good portion of hydration. And that is something that the tanning bed does not provide, because that habit ultimately causes older skin due to dehydration.

How do you use the tanning lotion?

Before applying the lotion, it is useful to remove all dead cells, which can be done by scrubbing. Then massage the tanning lotion into the skin. Tip: apply extra care to the skin folds in the elbows, knees and armpits to avoid dark brown stripes. Wash your hands after use. You never get tan in one day. Your beautiful summer glow will only really become visible after a few days, so be patient.

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