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Weersinvloeden huid

The effect of weather influences on your skin

After sunshine comes rain... although the proverb actually goes the other way around, this order applies to the condition of your skin. Have you ever noticed that your skin looks much better in the summer than in the winter? And in a country where the standard topic of conversation is 'the weather', this blog is about the effects of the weather on your skin.

Sun, sea, and… fire

Who doesn't love the sun and that wonderful summer tan that we get during this season? But be careful, because even though UV radiation ensures the production of vitamin D, too much sun increases the risk of developing skin cancer. So apply a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type. The disadvantage of sunburn is that you can suffer from heat build-up, because your skin cannot properly release its moisture. This results in red bumps. Do you experience that too? Then see if you can find a lighter, less greasy sunscreen.

Dry air in the fall?

If you have to grab your umbrella for the 6th time on a typical fall day, it's hard to imagine that the air is dry in the fall. Even drier than in summer. And this dryness and cold do something to your skin. Use a moisturizer to minimize the effects of the weather on your skin.

Cutting cold

Brr, as soon as winter sets in, many people notice this in their skin. Cold makes your cheeks tight, and anyone who has ever had chilblains knows how brutal the cold can be. Still interesting that the average person does not adjust his or her skin care to the change of seasons. Because unlike summer, your skin can use a greasy cream in winter. And also dress well when you step out of your door in the winter cold.

Weather influences on your skin

Every season brings new challenges for your skin care. Do you stick to a fixed ritual and fixed products regardless of the season and do you experience the above changes in your skin? Then see if you can take the seasonal changes into account in your care ritual. This way you will look radiant every season!

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