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Vegan Skincare - Nederlands merk Almaaz

Why vegan skincare makes the difference

Our care products are vegan, cruelty-free and free from nasty substances. And that is quite special, because all vegan skincare products are cruelty-free, but the other way around is not an option. But what does this actually mean? Besides the fact that our vegan skincare is not only good for you, but also for the world...


Before the ban in 2013, an average of 50,000 tests were carried out on animals for all kinds of personal care products. Since the ban, many animals have been saved from cruelty in Europe, but unfortunately there are still many countries around the world where animal testing is still used or even mandatory. There are also exceptions for individual ingredients, which means that the designation free from animal testing should not actually be used. But don't worry, our ingredients and products are truly 100% animal-free.

Vegan skin care

Cruelty free says nothing about the animal ingredients, such as snail mucus, collagen and glycerin, that are used in many skin care products and cosmetics. Regular skin care products are therefore usually not vegan. Only products that have not been tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients may be called 'vegan'. And of course almost the entire Almaaz collection is vegan.

No nasty substances

Natural products are not only better for the environment, but also for your skin. Win-win, and that's why we choose not to add chemicals and parabens to our products. Our products are 100% natural. You feel that and you see that!

On to better skin and a better world

Vegan skincare makes a difference for your skin and for our planet. But waste is also a shame, so gradually switch to vegan care products or make someone else happy with them. This is how we create a better world step by step.

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