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Tanning lotion voor een gezonde gloed!

Tanning lotion for a healthy glow!

The hydrating Tanning Lotion from Almaaz gives the skin a healthy glow, without the need for a sunbed! And that is useful, because tanning studios are currently under fire. In this article we will take you through the how and the why. Are you reading along?

Why are tanning beds dangerous?

Who doesn't know the phenomenon? In the spring, use the sunbed so that you already have a healthy tan when the sun shines. We have known for years that the sun's UV radiation is dangerous if you do not protect yourself properly. This works exactly the same with tanning beds, because you are exposed to a gigantic dose of UV radiation in just a few minutes. You will be slightly tanned for a short time, but eventually the tan will disappear, while the damage to the skin remains. This UV radiation increases the risk of skin cancer and this is exactly why dermatologists call for the removal of tanning beds from gyms, among others.

Is tanning lotion safe?

The alternative to the unsafe tanning bed is our safe lotion. A unique combination of natural, healthy ingredients gives the skin a boost. Our tanning products provide a radiant glow, while also hydrating the skin. Because the ingredients nourish the skin instead of damaging it, you can use our products without any worries. Every day again.

How do you apply tanning lotion?

Thanks to the step-by-step plan below, you can easily and smoothly apply our Hydrating Tanning Lotion:

  1. Apply the lotion to clean, exfoliated skin;
  2. Use a medium amount of lotion;
  3. Apply to the body part in circular movements*;
  4. Spread well;
  5. Wash your hands well with soap after use.

Remember: use a limited amount on elbows and knees.

You can use the cream daily until you achieve your desired complexion. You can then apply the cream every two to three days so that the color remains even and radiant. You can also simply cleanse the skin in the evening as you normally would.

Buy tanning lotion at Almaaz

The most important features of this caring lotion, with coconut oil, vitamin C & vitamin E:

  • Mild ingredients;
  • Soft & nourishing;
  • Can also be used as an after sun.

Do you want to immediately enjoy a beautiful, radiant brown shade? Order your tanning lotion directly inthe shop , so that you can immediately start pampering your skin. In addition to the tanning lotion, we also have a tanning day cream .

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