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Tanning cream voor een nazomerse gloed

Tanning cream provides a sunny glow - even in autumn!

While we naturally walk around with sun-tanned skin in the summer, this is very different in the autumn. Do you also want to shine like the sun in the autumn and winter months? Tanning cream is the secret!

The magic of Almaaz' Tanning Cream

Are you new to the world of self-tanners? No problem, we will guide you through it. Because good secrets must be revealed. Our tanning cream is designed to give your skin a natural, sunny glow. Without having to expose yourself to UV rays.

This is why Almaaz is your new must-have

At Almaaz we are passionate about your skin. Our products are not only effective, but also kind to your skin. The tanning cream is no exception! These are the details of the self-tanner:

Natural and nourishing

The natural ingredients, including rosehip oil, not only ensure a beautiful complexion. They also nourish the skin, provide plenty of moisture and provide a silky soft feeling.

Even glow

No streaks or uneven coloring. Our formula is designed to provide you with a flawless, evenly toned bronze. Completely natural and radiant.

Without sun damage

Enjoy a beautiful bronze glow without worrying about harmful UV rays and premature aging. Everything for young and healthy skin!

Tips for applying the day cream

  1. Cleanse the skin as usual. For example with the cleanser ;
  2. Apply the cream evenly - Use circular movements to apply the cream evenly;
  3. Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  4. In the evening, cleanse the skin again as usual.

Use the tanning cream daily until the desired complexion is achieved. Maintain the color by applying the cream every two/three days (every other day if desired).

Your summer - your rules

A beautiful tan gives your self-confidence a boost, thanks to that summer look you dream of. The Almaaz Tanning Cream helps you achieve just that. And all this in a skin-friendly, safe and radiant way.

Are you ready to give your skin a late summer update? Dare to shine, use Almaaz!

Buy the tanning cream now.

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