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Removing blackheads - zo krijg jij een zuivere huid!

Removing blackheads - this is how you get clear skin!

Blackheads. You know, those little black monsters on your skin is a common complaint from people worldwide. The small, dark dots are quickly noticeable and are usually on the nose, chin and forehead. They are mainly caused by clogged hair follicles. If you are looking for effective ways to remove blackheads , then you have come to the right place. Grab a pen and paper and we'll help you!

What are blackheads?

To effectively remove blackheads, it is important to understand what exactly they are. Blackheads are open comedones, which form when a pore becomes clogged. A mix of dead skin cells and sebum gets into the pore, which is nothing more than your skin's natural oil. When this oil comes into contact with air, it oxidizes and turns black. We call that the blackhead.

How do you prevent blackheads?

  1. Avoid products that are non-comodogenic as they clog pores
  2. Avoid touching your face, as bacteria and oils make the skin more susceptible to developing blackheads
  3. Eat healthy, because a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals supports skin health.

Skincare routine for removing blackheads

It is important that you practice a consistent skin care routine. Cleaning and caring for your skin every time is the key to removing blackheads. Make sure you perform these steps daily:

  • Gentle cleansing – use a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser and use it twice a day to remove impurities and excess oil. Please note: the skin must not dry out!
  • Exfoliate – regular exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells. This way they no longer clog the pores. You can use the pore strips , our pineapple scrub and the exfoliating pads .
  • Moisturize – hydrating your skin with a non-comedogenic moisturizer helps regulate oil production and prevent clogged pores.

Professional treatments

If you need extra help, professional treatment can provide a solution. These are options for professional blackhead removal:

  • Chemical peels - this treatment uses stronger acids to deeply exfoliate the skin, clearing clogged pores and removing blackheads.
  • Microdermabrasion - this procedure exfoliates the top layer of the skin with tiny crystals, which helps unclog pores and eliminate dead skin cells.
  • Extractions - a dermatologist or a beautician can remove blackheads with a special tool. Do not do the diet yourself to avoid damage to the skin.

Grandma knows what to do

Would you also like to test some home, garden and kitchen remedies in between your routine? Then consider the following tricks:

  • Clay masks – these masks help to absorb the excess oil and draw impurities from the pores. Look for masks containing kaolin or bentonite clay for the best results.
  • Steaming - you don't only have to steam your face if you have a runny cold, because it can also help open your pores. Don't do this too often, though, because steam will damage the skin if you do it too often.

Do you have questions? Ask our own skin therapist directly.

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