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Pore strips

Pore ​​strips - quickly and effectively clean pores

Your radiant skin requires a good skincare routine. We write a lot about creams, serums and cleansers, but what about the nose? Is it underexposed on our blog? In this article we will tell you more about the pore strips and why you should use them.

What are pore strips?

Pore ​​strips are a permanent part of our range. They are made from a comfortable, soft material and are designed to remove blackheads and other debris from the skin's pores. The strips, which are 10 mm larger than normal in Almaaz, are applied to the nose and removed after fifteen minutes. When removed, they take impurities and excess sebum from the pores.

Why should you use pore strips?

Pore ​​strips are a simple solution to a common problem. Maybe you also struggle with skin problems, such as pimples, inflammation or blemishes around and on the nose. This fast and effective way to remove impurities is powerful in its simplicity. The skin looks cleaner and fresher afterwards.

Benefits of the nasal strips

Using these strips for your nose has several advantages:

  • Deep cleansing - they actively remove blackheads and excess oil
  • Improved skin texture - regular use leads to smoother skin
  • Reduction of pores - they help to reduce the visibility of pores

How do you use the strips?

  1. Cleanse the skin as usual and moisturize the nose and the area around it well.
  2. Apply the strip to the wetted area with the shiny side on the skin.
  3. Press the strip firmly and smooth out any air bubbles.
  4. Let the strip sit for 15 minutes, the strip will harden once dry.
  5. After the strip has dried, slowly and carefully pull the strip from both sides toward the center.

If you don't like pore strips, you can also try alternatives, such as a face scrub , exfoliating pads or a firming mask . It is a valuable addition to your skin care routine!

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