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Natuurlijke huidverzorging; back to basic

Natural skin care; back to basics

All over the world there is daily talk about the environmental problems that all countries face. It is therefore not surprising that people are becoming increasingly aware of their own use. As a result, people are increasingly going 'back to basic' and increasingly opt for natural care products that are sustainably produced.

Natural facial care

By choosing natural skin care you are actually choosing the best products. Ingredients of natural origin contribute to healthy and radiant skin. The products are usually free of parabens, sulphates, perfume and alcohol. This means that you will not encounter any irritating ingredients that have a synthetic origin on the ingredients list. Natural skin care consists of plants and herbs that have been traditionally used in different cultures around the world. These can be coconut, roses or almonds, for example.

Natural facial care: mostly vegan

Good natural facial care means that it is not only not tested on animals, but also vegan. Unfortunately, synthetic brands still often test on animals to prevent people from having allergic reactions to them. Furthermore, natural skin care brands often do not use animal ingredients, which means they are also vegan!

Tips for radiant skin

Unfortunately, many products in the beauty world still use ingredients that often cause skin problems. This could be irritated skin and/or dry skin, but it could also be acne or a rash. Natural care products want to protect your skin and cause reactions much less often. And if there are reactions, they are often somewhat milder. Let your skin shine and choose natural care products!

To prevent unhealthy and dull skin, it is important that you also give your skin enough attention. We are happy to give you tips.

  1. Cleanse your skin
    Make sure you cleanse your skin in the morning and evening so that no dirt remains.

  2. Scrub your skin
    Dead skin cells are often present on the outer layer of skin. You can remove this by scrubbing your skin. Make sure you do this a maximum of 2 times a week and not more often. Even if you have combination skin or oily skin, scrubbing too often is very bad!

  3. Shower a little colder
    After showering, it is always wise to use a protective day cream to hydrate your skin with a liquid day cream or soft lotion. But make sure you don't shower too hot because this can dry out your skin enormously. Do you want to reduce skin aging? Then shower a little colder.

  4. Drink enough water
    Keeping your skin and hair hydrated all day is not difficult. For this it is only important to drink enough water. This way you ensure a beautiful glowy skin. Enjoy a fresh smoothie every now and then to pamper yourself from the inside!

For lasting results it is important to use the right day and night products. You can choose a cream for example. A cream is quickly absorbed and many people like this very much. There are also people who prefer to choose natural oils with multiple amino acids to care for their skin more deeply. Look at what you like and what suits your skin best.

Makeup with natural ingredients

When you use natural facial care, it is of course also wise to combine it with natural makeup. This is cosmetics in the purest form where no parabens or synthetic substances such as preservatives have been used. The colorings and fragrances are also natural. Choose the best, natural products. Natural care is much gentler and therefore better for your skin.

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