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Huidverzorging op vakantie

Skin care on holiday

Good Friday and Easter are over again this year and that means it's almost the May holidays! And the May holidays are the first opportunity for many people to go on holiday. That is of course a nice prospect, but traveling also brings with it the necessary stress in the preparation. Stress and changing circumstances can have a significant impact on your skin. How do you ensure that your peach skin survives the holiday without a hitch? Read more about skin care on holiday.

Skin care at low humidity

Are you going to a cold destination, do you spend a lot of time in hotels or do you travel by plane? Then you will have to deal with low humidity. You can feel this in your skin because it feels tight and dry. Extreme dryness can also cause increased sebum production, causing more pimples to appear. And that's the last thing you want to see in all your holiday selfies.

Drinking plenty of water is extremely important to keep your skin hydrated, but a nourishing and rich day cream also protects your skin against too much moisture loss. For cold destinations or air travel, leave your foundation or powder in your suitcase and opt for a moisturizing tanning cream instead , as it will not dry out your skin.

Skin care in high humidity

Are you visiting a wonderfully warm country, with high temperatures and high humidity? Then do not use too greasy creams. These creams seal your skin, causing you to suffer from heat bumps. The high humidity ensures that your skin loses less moisture, which is why a light, thin cream or serum is sufficient as daily skin care on holiday.

Skin care on holiday

The fact that your skin requires different treatment on holiday than at home is not easy for everyone. But this information will help you do a little more research into your holiday destination and how you can survive the holiday without bumps or pimples. In addition to a good day cream, cleansing and protection against the sun are very important for a fresh look. Want to know more about radiant skin? Then read this blog .
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