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Huidproblemen bij tieners door skincare

Skin problems in teenagers due to skincare - a worrying tiktok trend!

Today's teenagers are different in many ways than when we were teenagers. They are more mature, have adult hobbies, are online 24/7 and adopt the habits of adult women at a young age. There is a trend going around on TikTok, which has now also spread to the Netherlands, about the use of skincare at such a young age. There is nothing wrong with taking good care of yourself, but more and more skin problems are occurring in teenagers due to skincare .

TikTok trend - skincare for children

TikTok is of course the place to be for kids these days. And with all those beauty and skincare influencers, it's a threat to children's health. They always have to be slim, beautiful and rich, otherwise you don't matter. And that is precisely the reason for teenagers to start skincare routines. We used to put a little toothpaste on a pimple here and there, but these girls (and guys) have a routine of at least five steps.

They use aggressive products with strong exfoliants, retinol or high concentrations of active ingredients. As a result, there has been a large increase in skin problems among teenagers due to skincare. From redness to itching and from eczema to infections. These complaints are uncomfortable and harmful in the long term, putting pressure on the mental health of these teenagers.

Less is more - the basics of skin care for teenagers

  1. Use a mild cleanser - choose a gentle cleanser to clean your skin without drying or irritating it. Daily cleansing helps to rid your skin of dirt, makeup and excess sebum. And the great thing is: you don't damage the natural skin barrier! Shop the mild cleanser here!
  2. Day cream with SPF - sun protection is important for everyone, it has nothing to do with age. Our day cream with SPF provides protection against harmful UV rays and helps prevent skin damage. Shop the day cream here.

Be aware of the risks and stay away from aggressive remedies!

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