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Ga jij voor een mooie huid in 2024?

Are you going for beautiful skin in 2024? Start here

We all want beautiful skin, right? Such a nice healthy color, skin that looks untired and radiant and preferably without spots or pimples. Setting this as a goal for 2024 is great, but which route should you take to achieve this? How do you get radiant skin and what do you need for it? In this article we share tips for beautiful skin.

[1] Live a balanced life

Eating fries three times a week, snacking every day and ending the day with a drink? Very tasty, but it is not healthy. If you want to strive for beautiful skin, you will have to start with a balanced lifestyle. Eat nutritious meals, drink enough water, stop drinking alcohol and don't smoke. Every healthy decision you make brings you one step closer to your radiant skin.

[2] Cleanse for beautiful skin

Throughout the day you collect all kinds of dirt on your skin. Think of pollutants in the air, but bacteria and sweat also have a negative impact on the skin. Make sure you work hygienically. Clean your makeup sponges and brushes regularly, sleep in a clean bed and cleanse the skin. Start by cleansing the skin in the morning as this slows down the aging process and clears the pores. Before you go to sleep at night, clean your skin again, even if you haven't worn any makeup!

[3] Use good products

Don't put anything aggressive or harmful on your skin, because that won't make it better. Choose natural, moisturizing skincare products and use a cream with SPF every day. It not only helps against the harmful rays of the sun, but also if you work a lot behind a screen!

[4] Make an effort and relax

Working hard and smart pays off, but you also need relaxation. Make sure you have enough me-time, exercise a few times a week and occasionally take a nice bath or lie on the massage table. And: get enough sleep! Movie star Dakota Johnson recently indicated that she prefers to sleep 14 hours a night. That's not feasible for most of us, but I mean, sleep is important!

[5] Vitamins and minerals

It is not without reason that we work with active ingredients at Almaaz. Those kickstarters bring out the best in your skin and that is exactly what we want. Your body needs vitamins and minerals and so does your skin. By having a healthy diet you already get many essential substances, but by choosing the right skincare you can really go to the next level. For example, choose a product with vitamin C to combat oxidative stress.

We wish you a lot of perseverance and hope that your beautiful skin will appear soon. Good luck!

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