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Een stralende huid? Kies voor een vegan toner!

Radiant skin? Choose a vegan toner!

A vegan toner should not be missing in your stash if you want radiant skin. A toner ensures that your skin barrier becomes stronger and the moisture balance in your face improves. This is all due to the work of antioxidants, moisture-retaining ingredients. There are various types of vegan toners available.

Which toner is suitable for your skin depends on your skin type. Suppose you have dry skin, then you need a different type of toner than someone with oily skin. Good vegan toners also contain mild ingredients that both soothe your face and provide the right protection. We will tell you why you should definitely use a toner and what a vegan toner has to offer you.

Why use a toner?

Using a toner, why would you do that? Even if you have already cleaned your face, a toner certainly has something extra to offer. For example, a toner consists largely of water and some magical ingredients for radiant skin. These ingredients can be very valuable for people who suffer from acne or have very oily skin. People who use a lot of make-up or apply sunscreen to their face can also use a toner. A toner ensures even better cleaning of your face.

Vegan facial care

Why should you use a vegan toner? When you use a vegan toner, you will see that this toner contains much more water. It is also the case that plant-based ingredients in these toners are better absorbed by the skin. This makes your skin extremely well hydrated. Preferably opt for a vegan toner with hyaluronic acid, so that the pH value of your skin is balanced and it hydrates optimally. Vegan toners also contain antioxidants, so that the skin is well soothed.

Using the vegan toner

It is best to use the vegan toner twice a day. Preferably use it after cleansing your face and before applying your day cream. Apply the toner with your fingers or on a cotton pad. Then wait 1 minute until the product has been properly absorbed. If you have very oily skin, the toner can also be used instead of a moisturizer. After applying the vegan toner, don't forget to care for your skin with a cream for optimally radiant skin.

Vegan toners are selling like hotcakes. Therefore, check immediately in the shop whether our Balancing toner is still available.

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