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Cleansing Foam - wat is het?

Cleansing foam, what is that?

Cleansing foam, what exactly is that? Cleansing foam is the ideal cleaning product for your face. Our product comes directly from the bottle as foam, but there are also types that you still have to foam in your own hands. We will tell you which skin types cleansing foam is suitable for and how to best use this cleaning product. 

Why use cleansing foam?

Using a cleansing foam is definitely recommended. During the day your skin is exposed to all kinds of harmful substances. Cleansing your skin with a cleansing foam can rid it of harmful substances. The harmful substances are therefore not absorbed into the skin. If you do not cleanse your face and immediately apply day cream , this cream will do nothing for you. This is because you have skipped an important step in your skin care. If you want your skin care routine to really work for you, cleaning your face with a cleansing foam is very important. 

For which skin types is cleansing foam suitable?

Cleansing foam is suitable for different skin types. Whether you have sensitive, combination or oily skin, there is a suitable foam for every skin type. You have a cleansing foam that works especially for combination, oily and impure skin, such as foam with salicylic acid and tea tree. There is also cleansing foam with aloe vera and glycerine on the market that is good for sensitive and normal skin. If you are looking for a cleansing foam that is suitable for all skin types, take a look at the Almaaz cleansing foam with rose water. This gives the skin a fresh clean and provides a soft feeling. 

How do I use this foam?

You apply the cleansing foam by applying one or two pumps to your damp hands. You massage the foam onto the skin for about 2 minutes. Then rinse the foam and remove it with a wet washcloth. It is best to use the cleansing foam every evening to cleanse your face, even if you are not wearing make-up. Dirt gets on the skin during the day and before going to sleep your skin should be as clean as possible. This way your skin can recover properly at night. For a double cleansing, you can also use the cleansing foam in the morning. Try it and be surprised!

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