Cica sheet mask - what are the benefits?

Cica Sheet mask

When you open TikTok you will already see the videos. Soothing scenes with people with fully hydrated, wrinkle-free and plump skin, thanks to a sheet mask. In this article we will take you through what a sheet mask is and what the benefits are. This way you can also enjoy a self-care moment and healthy-looking skin.

What is a sheet mask?

A Sheet mask is a thin mask that is completely infused with ingredients that are good for your skin. Such a mask is extremely nourishing and has many benefits:

Benefits Cica sheet mask

[1] Deep hydration

Our cica sheet mask is completely infused with moisturizing substances, including hyaluronic acid. This gives your skin a boost of serum in just a few minutes. Do you feel like really relaxing after a long day at work or during your weekend off? Then this will help you!

[2] Simple

Place a sheet mask on your face according to the instructions. Make sure it is smoothed out and feel how the condition of your skin improves by the minute.

[3] Strengthen the skin barrier

The ingredients in our Cica Sheet Mask nourish your skin's barrier. Think of Beta-Glucan, ceramides and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract. By strengthening the skin barrier, you can better resist irritants, bacteria and allergies.

[4] Promotes natural healing

Other ingredients, such as Centella Asiatica extract, soothe irritations, reduce redness and stimulate the skin's natural healing. This way you can work curatively and preventively on a healthy, even complexion. The Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract helps protect your skin against free radicals, which of course also contributes to skin health.

[5] For all skin types

In principle, this mask is suitable for all skin types. The ingredients remove red skin from the face, strengthen the skin barrier and soothe the skin. Dry skin needs extra moisture, which this mask provides. Do you have somewhat dull skin? Then this mask can help bring back your natural glow. This is also a very nice mask for mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

In short, give it a chance and try the sheet mask now.

*Available from June 27*