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3 tips voor een mooiere huid

3 tips for better skin

We all want better skin, especially if we can achieve this in a short time, right? Thanks to our skin products, you are already on the right track, but what if we tell you that you can also make a major contribution to the process? Became curious? Then read on for our 3 tips for better skin:

1. The washing machine is your skin's best friend

Try to wash your pillowcase at least once a week. Two to three times a week would be even better! Why? Very simple! When you sleep, you release more heat and your skin starts to repair (why do you think it's called beauty sleep? ☺️). During this process, you also transfer sweat and dead skin debris to your pillowcase.

If you don't wash your pillow regularly, makeup residue and dirt from your hair will build up. You get all this back on your skin, ew! This causes oily skin, acne and blackheads. Remind yourself by washing your pillowcase every hair wash day, for example. Tip: turn your pillow halfway through the week for a fresh night's sleep!

2. Clean makeup tools

Your makeup brushes can turn into a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria if you don't clean them often enough. With daily use, it is wise to rinse them out after each make-up session. Make sure you clean them thoroughly once a week so that they don't become a breeding ground for bacteria.

In addition, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your makeup sponge after using it. A sponge has no handle, so you touch the surface with both your hands and the vulnerable skin on your face. Make-up residue, humidity, oiliness and bacteria are the biggest causes of impurities and pimples.

3. Clean hands

Do you wash your hands before you eat? Yes, right? The same goes for applying makeup. Always wash your hands before applying makeup. When your hands are dirty (dirt, bacteria) you transfer the dirt to your face. Did you know that you carry as many as 150 different types of bacteria on your hands? In total, this amounts to about 39,000 to 4,600,000 bacteria, which have free rein if you give them the chance. Take good care of yourself and your skin by washing your hands regularly.

Will you apply these tips for better skin?

Do you find these 3 tips for better skin useful? Feel free to share them and stay tuned for further blogs and the best cosmetics.

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